Thursday 30 April 2009

View of Canigou

Mount Canigou in the Pyrenees is over 140 Km (87.5 miles) from the road between Apiran and Paulhan where this picture was taken on 16th April. There is still plenty of spring snow which makes it easier to see. The water tower is 3.5 Km away at Adissan. Despite the areas reputation for clear air, days this clear are relatively rare.

Friday 3 April 2009

Aspiran buildings and ramparts

The 13th century bell tower of the Church St Julien at sunrise. The current church on this site dates from 1145 although the bell tower is built on Romanesque remains.
The Chapel of Pénitents with the church tower behind. The inside is now a beautifully restored hall and exhibition space. The bell tower was built in 1816.
The ramparts date from the 12th century and still enclose much of the village with the old walls forming parts of many houses. At one time Aspiran had four portes (entrances) but only these two remain.