Monday 3 September 2012

Éoliennes coming this way?

Wind turbines (éoliennes) have started to become a part of the Hérault landscape over the past 10 years or so. The farm at Aumes is the nearest to Aspiran at 14 Km (9 miles) to the south of east and clearly visible on the horizon across the valley.

Wind farm at Aumes seen from the commune

According to Aspiran Info No. 42 a feasibility study will start in the autumn of 2012 looking at the area in the commune known as Coste-Ferre as a possible wind farm site. This area forms the ridge that runs to the right and parallel to the route to Adissan and a farm here would be a dominant feature visible from much of the land in the western half of the commune. However, for many of the village dwellings the éoliennes will be out of sight. This will not be the case for Peret and much of Adissan where the farm is sure to dominate the vista.