Saturday 3 October 2015

Wine producer boom

Aspiran took the European Weekend of Heritage (patrimoine) seriously this year and included in the events and exhibitions was a display covering wine. Specifically highlighted were the Aspiran producers who now number 10, along with the cave cooperative (Clochers & Terroirs).

The longest established are Domaine de Fabrègues (1835) and Chateau Malautié (1900). Domaine des Montèzes arrived in 1995 having been displaced by the building of the A75 autoroute above Lodeve. The grapes around their Aspiran property apparently go to the cooperative with wine being made on site from grapes brought down from their Pégairolles de l’Escalette vineyards.

It was after 2000 that new arrivals took root, possibly fuelled by the decline of the cooperative before relatively recently joining the Clochers & Terroirs clan of cooperatives. Domaines Mon Mourel, Ribiera, Clos Mathelisse, Villa Symposia, des dimanches and most recently Gregory White and Mas Troqué complete the list.

Interestingly several producers in nearby villages have vineyards in the commune, ones I know about being Mas Costefere (Adissan), Julien Peyras (Paulhan) and Domaine les Quatre Amours (Bélarga).

Wine from almost all the producers can be purchased from the Aspiran Tabac which is by the village crossroads.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Tap Water

According to the Midi Libre in 2014 Aspiran had tap water pesticide levels at least 25% above the norm, a worrying phenomenon that impacts 33,500 inhabitants from 9 communes of the Hérault. In the summer of 2014 what was effectively a hose pipe ban was inroduced for Aspiran after several years of below average rainfall. 

Responsibility for providing tap water falls with the Mairie. A couple of years ago a new source of good quality was identified in the area called la Plaine very close to the Hérault river opposite the village of Tressan. Only at the end of 2014 was a tender issued to exploit the source.

This summer work is in progress to build the well and lay a pipeline some 2 Km long up to the village from where it can be processed and pumped to the water tower atop of Les Pins. Total cost is around 670,000 € and planned to be on tap by the end of the year.